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On September 29, 2021, $10 million in cash along with over 87,000 pounds of marijuana were found in a major drug bust. The drugs were found in warehouses across Oakland, California along with San Leandro, Hayward, and Castro Valley-- all in California.   

Detectives conducted over a dozen search warrant operations throughout the East Bay taking down one of the largest illegal grow operations in the state. The drug bust was the result of an 18 month police investigation.  

This organized and sophisticated network of individuals were making tens of millions of dollars in profit and avoiding California Marijuana Regulations. During the search warrants cops seized over 500,000 marijuana plants and upwards of $10 million in cash. 

Take a look at the marijuana pictures from the scene in the below gallery. 

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There were millions of dollars in infrastructure, equipment, lighting, generators and supplies used to facilitate the marjuana grow operation. The drug leaders used special HEPA filters to stop the smell of the drugs from reaching the outside air. 

The cost of renting the warehouse commercial space was several million dollars per month. The average size of each location was around 70,000 square feet. 

The drug warehouses had corporate style furniture, break rooms, thousand dollar bottles of wine, refrigerators, 70 inch flat screen televisions, vending machines, and break rooms.

75,260 pounds of marijuana plants were seized, inaddition to 12,000 pounds of finished product. The marjuana was taken to an incinerator and destroyed by court order. The  marijuana was valued at $42 million.

So far, only seven people have been arrested. Police say the drug group has overseas connections.