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On May 31, 2022 Alexander Lopez-Morel, 22, was charged with 2 counts of trafficking in cocaine in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The suspect allegedly used a wheelchair to hide 11 kilograms of cocaine in it.

Alexander Lopez-Morel

Alexander Lopez-Morel

Alexander was in Charlotte for a layover on his way to New Jersey on May 31st. Federal agents say he caught a plane from the Dominican Republic.

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Alexander was giving suspicious answers about his wheelchair use, authorities grew suspicious and found anomalies in the wheelchair seat during a scan. Federal agents cut open the wheelchair seat and found 11 bricks of cocaine stuffed inside.

The Department of Homeland Security says Alexander faked the need for a wheelchair in order to hide the large amount of cocaine.

The cocaine was worth $350,000. Alexander was arrested and then walked to a police car to go to jail, where he is walking just fine.