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Four tons of marijuana co-mingled in a shipment of jalapeño peppers were seized in San Diego, the marijuana is valued at $2.3 million.

On Aug. 15, a 37-year-old male Mexican citizen entered the U.S. San Diego port of entry driving a tractor pulling a trailer with cargo manifested as jalapeño peppers. The border patrol officers subsequently referred the truck to secondary for further inspection.

When the truck arrived to the dock, a canine team roving the area alerted to the palatalized shipment of peppers. Officers probed the shipment and discovered a leafy-green like substance that field-tested positive for the properties of marijuana.

Officers extracted 314 large wrapped packages of marijuana co-mingled within the shipment of jalapeño peppers, weighing 7,560 pounds. The marijuana found was 4 tons and worth $2.3 million.

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The truck and marijuana were seized.