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Gabriela Monreal, 21, and Jasmine Do, 22, were arrested after a traffic stop in Iowa City turned up 30 pounds of marijuana on June 4, 2019. Both of the women are from Chicago.

The women had the marijuana in the trunk of a car they were driving.

An officer stopped the car at Interstate 80 and Dubuque Street at around 8:25 p.m., when he smelled "a lot of cover smell" from the car. The officer's K-9 gave a positive alert after a free air sniff. 

Passenger Jasmine Do told police she had a vape pen. 

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Following a search, police found over 30 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of the vehicle.

Gabriela was driving the suspect vehicle. Jasmine and Gabriela told the officers they were returning the car to its owner. Gabriela allegedly admitted she knew about some marijuana being in the car and acknowledged they were delivering it. 

Both women were then arrested.