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On September 17, 2021 several people were arrested after a major drug bust yielded 20,000 bags of heroin in a toilet. Also 2 bricks of cocaine were found and $180,000 in cold hard cash. Drug addicts will use drugs that were in a toilet with pleasure. 

The drug bust was at a home in New Hanover County, North Carolina. See pictures of the drugs in the gallery below. 

A total of seven people were arrested and multiple firearms were seized.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office states that the operation began in October 2020 when the sheriff’s office’s Vice Narcotics/Gang Unit and the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation launched an investigation into Virgil Brown.

Police say Virgil was responsible for distributing large amounts of cocaine and heroin in the Wilmington, NC area.

Unrelated, a drug sting in Charlotte, NC discovered $56,000 in cash and loads of marijuana.

Officers conducted surveillance operations on Virgil and observed him making narcotics transactions, investigators say. During a traffic stop 5,000 bags of heroin and one kilogram of cocaine were found in Virgil's vehicle. 

A search warrant was approved for Virgil's home where $18,000 in cash and several guns were seized.

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Detectives also arrested Tracy Myers, Christopher Wilson, and Khalil Morris accusing them of conspiring with Virgil to traffic drugs. 

In fact, $160,000 in cash was allegedly seized from Khalil during a traffic stop. 

While investigating Virgil, detectives learned that Hugo Nunez-Jaimes was Virgil’s supplier and responsible for distributing kilos of cocaine in multiple counties, according to police. 

The Vice/Narcotics Gang Unit and the SBI conducted surveillance operations on Hugo.

A search of Hugo's house led to the discovery of $1,000 in cash and 15,000 bags of heroin in a toilet, along with one kilo of cocaine during a seperate traffic stop. 

Hugo, along with Lourdes Dixon and Alexander Shellman, were arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine, maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. It is not clear what alleged role Lourdes and Alexander may have played in the drug probe. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration, and Homeland Security Investigations assisted in the operation. 

A man had $2 million in cash and bricks of cocaine on him during a drug bust.