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On April 17, 2022, at 3:30 pm Catherine Mardesich, 54, was arrested accused of possessing 229 pounds of marijuana in Memphis, Tennessee on the Interstate 55 bridge.

Catherine Mardesich

Catherine Mardesich

Catherine was driving a Chevrolet Suburban SUV, but she ran out of gas and left the SUV unoccupied to get gas.

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While Catherine was gone, the SUV was struck by a passing motorists. TDOT and State Police moved the vehicle to complete a crash report and tow the SUV.

While cops were on the scene, Catherine returned. Catherine was advised that the vehicle was to be inventoried and towed. Catherine told officers they could not go inside the SUV.

But as officers approached the vehicle, they smelled raw marijuana coming from the SUV. Catherine was detained. When the vehicle was searched, 229 pounds of marijuana were in multiple Home Depot boxes and a duffel bag. There was also a large sum of money inside the vehicle.

Catherine was charged with possession of a controlled substance to wit: Marijuana.