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For 6 years a drug dealing group sold drugs in the Charlotte, NC area. Yannick Anderson, Jarmel Brownlee, Phonesavanh Phonesavang, Joel Walker, Natasha Lawes, Judiet Cooper, Jervonta Walker, Jasneko Wright, Marlaina Smoot, and Trimaine Bryan were all arrested in a October 2020 Charlotte, NC drug trafficking investigation.

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Cash was seized during the undercover investigations totaling $140,499 in real money, but the alleged crime group allegedly made at least $4 million in cocaine and heroin proceeds.

From 2014 to 2020 federal authorities say the group conspired and agreed with other drug traffickers to sell and possess large amounts of cocaine and heroin. Federal documents say the group used bank accounts and business accounts to hide the millions of dollars gained through the sale of the drugs.

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In an alleged money laundry attempt, the group is accused of conducting financial transactions which involved the proceeds of unlawful drug sales. The financial transactions were concealed and disguised by the group to hide the location, source ,ownership, and control of the extensive cash.

During an undercover drug bust Yannick allegedly had a .38 Python gun. Yannick is a convicted felon and is not allowed to have guns.