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On Friday June 19, 2020 United States Customs and Border Protection Officers working cargo operations at the Fort Street Cargo Facility in Detroit, Michigan discovered 418 pounds of marijuana in a trash hauler driven by a Canadian citizen.

The truck was x-rayed and searched. During the inspection, 15 large trash bags of drugs were discovered hidden in the rear of the hauler.

The drug suspect was driving a municipal waste hauler and was referred for inspection after crossing the Ambassador Bridge. During an x-ray exam of the hauler, officers discovered several odd shapes in the rear of the hauler. These odd shapes turned out to be bags of marijuana. The driver was arrested by federal officials.

Detroit Port Director Devin Chamberlain says:

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“This seizure once again demonstrates the vigilance of CBP Officers – even during these trying times. I am proud of our Officers and grateful for their attention to detail that ultimately prevented this illicit cargo from entering our country.”

The driver faces prosecution for the possession and transportation of illegal drugs.