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U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers intercepted a mixed load of methamphetamine, fentanyl and heroin with an estimated street value of more than $402,000 in one enforcement action on March 29, 2022 in Eagle Pass, Texas.

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The seizure occurred at the Camino Real International Bridge, when a officer referred a pickup truck for secondary inspection. Following a canine and non intrusive imaging system examination, officers discovered a total of 13 packages containing 12.9 pounds of methamphetamine, 4.9 pounds of fentanyl, and 2.4 pounds of black tar heroin concealed within two ice chests found in the bed of the truck.

The narcotics had an estimated street value of $402,779.

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Customs and Border Protection seized the narcotics and the truck. Homeland Security Investigations special agents are investigating the seizure.