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38-year-old Lance Mooney, Crystal Mooney, 36, and William Mooney, 63, were arrested after $640,000 worth of drugs were found at a home they were in.

An apparent drug overdose led to three arrests and a large drug bust at a home in Caldwell County, North Carolina on November 4, 2019.

Officers arrived at the house where they found Crystal Mooney unresponsive, gray in color and not breathing in the basement. Officials said she was suffering from an apparent drug overdose.

Crystal was taken to the hospital.

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When officers searched the house, they found more than 1,000 grams of cocaine, heroin and a fentanyl mixture. The drugs were valued at $640,000.

Several guns and $2,275 in cash were also found in the home.

Crystal was arrested after she was released from the hospital and charged with felony trafficking in cocaine and felony trafficking in opium/heroin.

Lance Mooney was arrested on charges of felony trafficking in opium/heroin, felony trafficking in cocaine and felony maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for the purpose of a controlled substance.

William Mooney was charged with misdemeanor resist, delay or obstructing a public officer, and misdemeanor assault on a government official.