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On June 1, 2022, Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested three suspects on drug and weapons charges while executing an eviction at apartments near North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC right across the street from the police department. Edward Paasi, 35, Steve Unga, 22, and Moses Ahomana, 22, were arrested.

 Steve Unga, (LEFT) Edward Paasi, (RIGHT) and Moses Ahomana (BOTTOM)

 Steve Unga, (LEFT) Edward Paasi, (RIGHT) and Moses Ahomana (BOTTOM)

The drug bust was at 8320 University Executive Park Drive in Charlotte. Deputies arrived at the apartment to evict. Deputies knocked and received no response.

Deputies then entered the apartment via a master key provided by the apartment complex. Upon entering the residence, deputies found the 3 suspects inside.

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Deputies began searching the residence and found several large sealed bags of a green leafy substance identified as marijuana and several bundles of cash totaling $70,572.00.

Also found were sealing bags, a vacuum bag sealer, bags containing marking designed for apparent redistribution, bottles of codeine medication, two pistols, a Ruger 528, a Taurus G3, two rifles, an Anderson 556, and an AK-47.

All 3 suspects were arrested, charged with drug and weapons offenses.