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Several Asian family members were arrested, accused of drug charges. The family was arrested and charged with federal methamphetamine drug offenses in September 2019. Undercover surveillance observed a confidential informant buying drugs from some of the suspects on several occasions.


The investigation started in June 2019 after agents from the department of Homeland Security intercepted cell phone communications of Cheng Yang in or around Catawba, NC.

Upon the intercepted communications law enforcement conducted a controlled delivery of marijuana to a "trap house" used for purposes of narcotics transactions used by the suspects in Newton, NC.

$40,000 in cash bound for California was intercepted by law enforcement that was allegedly placed in the mail by Nicholas Yang, federal officials say.

In April 2019 law enforcement intercepted 10 pounds of marijuana and hundreds of grams of methamphetamine from a house Cam Yang was allegedly present in. Cam was arrested. Investigators say they listened to Cam Yang's phone calls in jail and learned of a second package consisting of 18 bricks (kilograms) of crystal methamphetamine.

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In May 2019 a package with $60,000 in it was intercepted in California, the package was allegedly sent from Cam Yang in North Carolina.

Federal officials say that in August 2019 $50,000 was sent in the mail allegedly by Nicholas Yang at a post office in Fort Mill, SC. The investigative law enforcement team followed Nicholas to witness the package being mailed off.

A UPS package containing 9 bricks of methamphetamine was set for next day delivery from California to North Carolina, but the package was delayed for a extra day due to UPS being busy. When the 9 bricks of drugs finally was allegedly delivered to Peng Yang, he rejected the package.

Federal officials believe that Peng Yang rejected the package because it was late getting to him and he suspected law enforcement activity was a reason for the package delay.

Next day air is very important in the drug world.

Six members of the family were eventually all arrested on federal drug charges.