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 On November 15, 2021 a mother and grandmother were arrested after a 11-month-old baby died from a fentanyl overdose in Chester County, South Carolina. Joyce Stover, 33, is the baby's mother and Sharon Jordan, 55, is the baby's grandmother.  

 Joyce Stover and Sharon Jordan

 Joyce Stover and Sharon Jordan

Sharon was the guardian of the baby. The baby's own mother Joyce was not allowed to be alone with her baby according to a DSS placed restriction. 

The baby died on October 30, 2021. Joyce was at Sharon's home visiting the baby. Sharon left the home for 30 minutes, leaving Joyce and the baby home alone together. 

Video shows when a baby in Alabama overdosed on fentanyl that she found in her mom's home.

Sharon returned home and found Joyce sleep, while the baby was on the kitchen floor. The baby was placed in a crib. Shortly thereafter, the baby was found unresponsive.

Authorities were called to the home in Chester County regarding an unresponsive baby. Officials responded to the home and tried to resuscitate the baby, but the attempts were unsuccessful and the baby was pronounced dead while inside the paramedic truck.

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Deputies say bottles of naloxone were found in the baby's crib. 

Naloxone is a medicine that quickly reverses the deadly effects of drug overdose. The official cause of death for the baby is a fentanyl overdose.

Joyce is charged with murder by child abuse. Sharon is charged with unlawful neglect of a child. 

A man was convicted of trafficking fentanyl. 

Andria Wakefield, 51, and Shasta Brown, 46, died from fentanyl and cocaine toxicity in Charlotte, NC.

Fentanyl laced drugs are flowing into the United States. The CDC says fentanyl laced overdose deaths are on the rise.