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Scott McMannes, 21, and Zachary McMannes, 17, are two brothers for the record books. Scott lied about a armed robbery when he drove off on a man during a drug deal, now the man is dead, he is identified as 21-year-old Desmond Stevens.

On May 4, 2019 at 1:12 a.m., Desmond was killed on Trinity Road Charlotte, NC during a hit and run drug deal.

Scott and Zachary were conducting an illegal drug transaction when a verbal and physical altercation ensued between them and Desmond. During this altercation Scott drove off with Desmond holding onto the side of the Honda until they crashed into a parked Kia which was occupied.

Scott and Zachary did not stop after the crash and continued traveling for several hundred feet before being forced to stop due to damage sustained in the crash. At this point Scott fled the scene on foot followed by his little brother Zachary.

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The occupants of the KIA attempted to stop the two brothers but were unsuccessful.

Scott, the driver of the Honda Accord, called 911 to report that his car had been taken during an Armed Robbery while he was in Charlotte. Scott and Zachary, along with their father agreed to drive to the Law Enforcement Center in Charlotte, NC.

After being interviewed by detectives, Scott was arrested and charged with Felony Hit and Run, Misdemeanor Hit and Run and Possessing Counterfeit U.S. Currency.

Zachary was arrested and charged with Felony Hit and Run and Misdemeanor Hit and Run.