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Customs and Border Protection officers assigned in Tecate, California seized over 2,400 pounds of marijuana commingled in a shipment of wood furniture at a cargo facility.

On December 10, 2019 a 25-year-old male Mexican citizen entered the port of entry driving a white bobtail truck with cargo manifested as wood furniture. An officer referred the truck for further inspection.

A officer utilizing the port’s imaging system detected anomalies concealed within the contents of the bobtail truck. When the conveyance arrived to the dock, a canine team screened the commodity and alerted to the palatalized shipment of wooden furniture. Officers opened the pieces of furniture and discovered large wrapped packages. 

Officers extracted 81 large wrapped packages of marijuana within the shipment of wood furniture, weighing over 2,400 pounds with an estimated street value of $990,000.

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Customs and Border Protection seized the truck and marijuana. The driver was turned over to Homeland Security Investigation agents for further processing.