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Ivonne Hernandez, 30, was arrested for selling large quantities of crack cocaine in Charlotte, NC and various parts of South Carolina. Although she is not Griselda Blanco status, Ivonne is part of a network of cocaine dealers in North and South Carolina.

Ivonne Hernandez

Ivonne Hernandez

Federal authorities busted her with five kilograms (Bricks) of cocaine and one kilogram of heroin during a undercover drug investigation in Charlotte. 

Ivonne is charged with drug trafficking crimes; she is accused of aiding and abetting other co-conspirators in the operation of trafficking drugs. Ivonne obtained and distributed cocaine & heroin since 2015. 

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Ivonne is also accused of helping an illegal immigrant with a fake visa. 

During the bust her friend and co-conspirator Martha Zambrano Soriano attempted to show federal agents a fake visa and passport as identification, which led to a drug and immigration arrest.

Ivonne was taken into custody by federal agents.