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Silvia Jimenez, 41, and Xavier Cardenas, 32, hid 20 pounds of Meth in the gas tank of a Volkswagen.

In late November 2018 Mathews police and DEA agents received information from a confidential source about a large quantity of narcotics being transported to Matthews, NC. Police were notified that Silvia would be transporting the narcotics with Xavier.

DEA agents then began conducting surveillance at the Comfort Inn and the Azteca Restaurant located at 1718 Windsor Crossing Matthews, NC.

Around 3 in the afternoon agents observed a group of Hispanics meet in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn. The group walked to a Volkswagen vehicle, opened the trunk and talked for a few minutes. The group then entered into the lobby of the hotel.

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Officer Jeffrey Jones and other investigators approached the group and demanded ID. Silvia told cops that she was from Arizona and was visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. A police dog then conducted a open air sniff on the suspect Volkswagen which yielded a positive alert of narcotics.

Police were eventually able to find 12 bags of Meth in the gas tank of the vehicle. The Meth weighed 20 pounds. The suspects were arrested on drug trafficking charges.