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Oscar Manzano, 31, Juan Garcia, 20, and Antonio Godinez, 21, were all arrested on trafficking heroin charges in Charlotte, NC in April 2021.

Oscar Manzano, Juan Garcia, and Antonio Godinez

Oscar Manzano, Juan Garcia, and Antonio Godinez

Special agents with the DEA received credible information that a drug deal was going to be conducted at 8410 Rea Road Charlotte, NC in the parking lot on April 27, 2021. Undercover surveillance was set up at the location. 

Officials say Juan was observed exiting a vehicle with a suspicious package as if he was trying to hide it. Juan allegedly entered Oscar's vehicle with the package.

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The vehicle drove off with the two men inside. Officers followed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. A narcotics canine was launched to sniff the vehicle and the dog alerted to the presence of drugs.

A search of the vehicle was conducted and cops say 2 kilograms of heroin was found. Juan and Oscar were then arrested and charged with trafficking heroin. In the past Oscar was arrested in the mid-western United States on heroin related charges.

Later that day authorities arrived at Oscar's residence at apartments in south Charlotte. It was there that more heroin was allegedly found in a trash can. Antonio was at the apartment during the heroin discovery and was arrested on a heroin trafficking charge. Also prior to that day, undercover officers say they made numerous drug deals with Antonio.