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Sarai Aguilar, 21, Julio Gomez, 30, and Jose Correa, 35, were all arrested on May 17, 2022 by the DEA on Interstate 85 in Charlotte, NC during a large drug bust.

Sarai Aguilar, Julio Gomez, and Jose Correa

Sarai Aguilar, Julio Gomez, and Jose Correa

Members of the DEA High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas group were conducting surveillance on the suspects, based on information that the suspects were allegedly involved in narcotics trafficking.

Surveillance began on the suspects as Sarai was the driver of a vehicle and the suspects were passengers. The suspects were in a vehicle in transit on Interstate 85 on May 17th.

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A DEA detective conducted a traffic stop on the suspects. A police dog alerted to the odor of drugs in the vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded 22.5 pounds of crystal methamphetamine in the trunk area of the vehicle. A Glock 40 pistol was also located in in the back seat area of the car.

The suspects were arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine and conspiracy to traffic methamphetamine.