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The Desano Pizza restaurant at 7315 Waverly Walk Ave. Charlotte, NC scored a horrific 86.50 B grade during a August 12, 2020 food safety inspection.

The dish machine at the bar had 0 sanitizer ppm cl in the final rinse. The sanitizer source was empty and no replacement was available. A dish machine should not be used until it is properly sanitizing. The can opener had buildup on the blade area.

The inspector observed ricotta cheese sitting at an unsafe temperature of 53F and pizza sauce at 50F sitting out on the counter-top. Both of those items were supposed to be in a controlled climate of 41F or less.

There were small flies present in the back area. Also during the inspection, the dumpster top lids were torn off and not able to close, the dumpster also had a missing drain plug.

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The inspection discovered long term foul standing water with organic buildup present at the dish area. There was significant accumulated debris and organic matter under equipment at the bar area. Additionally debris was visible on floors under some of the back restaurant equipment. The flooring throughout Desano Pizza needed cleaning.