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Several members of a multi-million dollar Mexican drug cartel had stash houses in Charlotte. 6 employees of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel were arrested on cocaine drug trafficking charges recently. The cartel is a rival with "El Chapos" drug cartel.

Several of the suspects are related, it must be nice to work for the family business.

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All six that were arrested are illegal immigrants in the United States illegally.

They ran the drug trafficking operation in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties.

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Of those arrested were Oscar Gutierrez, Raul Gutierrez, Reguio Gutierrez, Roldolfo Martinez, Francisco Martinez, and Rigoberto Gutierrez.

The cartel transported 30 kilograms of cocaine and methamphetamine from and to an apartment in Hidden Valley, a home in Derita and another home in east Charlotte. 

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel started gaining power after billionaire cocaine dealer "El Chapo's" arrest.

Meth was also delivered from a luxury home in Statesville in August and October of 2018. The person who lived there, Oscar Guiterrez, is a high-level cartel member.

Oscar's parents lived in a large home in Troutman, NC. Agents said a credible informant told the Troutman Police Department in 2014 that large amounts of cocaine were being stored at the address.

Federal investigators wire-tapped the phones of the cartel members and surveyed Oscar's home and business activity. On one occasion the cartel traveled to Houston, Texas with $80,000 cash to buy several kilos 'Bricks' of cocaine.