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Every drug dealer dreams of having a California connect. California is where the big boys play, the drug flow is constant because of the close proximity to the Mexico border.

Meet 22-year-old Mirsa Escobedo. She turned the Motel 6 into a drug house, just one room.

It all went down in room 208 at the Motel 6 located on Queen City Dr. Charlotte, NC. The room was used for keeping and selling Heroin. In November 2018 CMPD Officer Christopher Newman and other investigators developed information that a large amount of narcotics was being kept in room 208. So at 10:30 in the middle of the night cops went to the room. Police knocked on the door and Mirsa opened it, perhaps suspecting they were drug buyers.

Police requested permission to enter the room and Mirsa allowed them in. Police weren't there to make friends, as they eventually searched the room and found 3 kilograms 'Bricks' of Heroin wrapped in pink duct tape, along with an extra half kilogram of Heroin.

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At that moment Mirsa admitted that she is from California and drug cartel leaders sent her to drive all the way to Charlotte to drop off a bag. Mirsa's California drug leaders paid her $8,000 cash to make the cross country trip. 

Now they will find out they took a loss once they read this. Mirsa is originally from Mexico. Mirsa was arrested charged with Heroin Trafficking and Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substance. Mirsa is currently in the Mecklenburg County Jail.