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Larry Williams, 43, was arrested for selling cocaine from his home and van in Charlotte, NC.

On 10/29/2018 police conducted a traffic stop on Larry for minor traffic violations. During the stop a light odor of marijuana was smelled which prompted a K-9 to be deployed. The dog made a positive alert on Larry's vehicle and a search was conducted. At this time Larry admitted to having marijuana in the car. Cocaine was also found in the vehicle.

In an obvious jam and knowing he messed up, Larry cooperated with police and gave them voluntary consent to search his residence on Larkhaven Drive. Larry led police to his safe where he kept a large amount of cocaine and marijuana. In the residence investigators also found numerous guns and a big wad of U.S. currency.

Larry admitted that his Larkhaven Drive residence was used for keeping and selling cocaine and marijuana in violation of North Carolina controlled substances act.

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Similar to a defunct ice cream man he also sold cocaine out of his 2011 Ford Transit Van.

Larry was arrested and charged with Trafficking Cocaine and several other felony drug offenses.