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Dealing drugs is a very dangerous game, every dealer knows that going in.

27-year-old Omid Abdul Khaled was shot and killed in January 2019 at a Tampa, Florida WoodSpring Suites hotel room.

Pounds of marijuana and $388,000 in cash was found in the hotel room of the murder victim.

On the floor between the bed and desk were 14 plastic packages of marijuana. The packages weighed a combined 14.6 pounds. Three similar packages totaling 3.2 pounds were found on the bathroom floor.

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Scattered throughout the room, detectives found stacks of cash in rubber bands totaling $369,998. Another $18,192 in loose bills was found in a drawer in the television stand.

Investigators also found a Royal Sovereign currency counter, a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, and a loaded Glock pistol that had been reported stolen in Tampa.

No arrests have been made in the homicide.

The police department plans on keeping the money and drugs. Khaled's family will file a lawsuit to get the money back.