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44 pounds of cocaine magically washed up to shore right in the sight of a family on vacation in Fripp Island, SC.

The family was walking along Fripp Island when they spotted the trash bag-wrapped package floating in the water. They dragged it onto the beach, put it in their golf cart and brought it to their rental residence.

The family cut the package open and discovered several bricks of white powder cocaine. The family didn't keep the cocaine, they didn't sell the cocaine for million dollar profits, and they didn't divide it up to make crack cocaine for redistribution.

$1 million in cocaine was found in June 2019 also in South Carolina.

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The family called police, who then took possession of the drugs. The cocaine's value is worth more than $600,000. Officials are working to determine its origin.

It is believed that Hurricane Dorian may have pushed the cocaine ashore.