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Kilos (Bricks) in the drug world gets every dealers attention, because of its money, value, and reputation. 22-year-old Jonathan Garza and his father Jesus Garza, 57, were arrested for trafficking multiple bricks of heroin. The men trafficked drugs from their home, unbeknownst to them police were conducting surveillance the entire time.  

In December 2018 police conducted surveillance at 6103 Bayswater Lane Charlotte, NC. 

Trafficking amounts of heroin were observed at the residence. A search warrant was issued on the residence. When cops executed the search warrant on the home, 3 bricks of heroin were found in the master bedroom. Even more heroin was found in a locked safe under a bed. A 164 gram marijuana plant was also located.    

Both Garzas were then arrested and charged with manufacturing and trafficking heroin charges. Bail was set at over $1 million. The father and son are still sitting in the county jail as they clearly could not afford such an expensive bond. 

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