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28-year-old Marissa Cook is one for the record books. Marissa allegedly tried to smuggle drugs into the Rowan County Detention Center in Salisbury, NC. Marissa was being arrested for a probation violation on September 28, 2020. When officers conducted a search on her at the jail, she informed jail staff that she had contraband concealed in her vaginal cavity.

Marissa was able to remove and surrender a syringe wrapped in black tape. Also in Marissa's vagina was a 5-hour energy bottle that had heroin and methamphetamine concealed in it, which she was unable to remove.

She had to be taken to a Salisbury hospital where the bottle was extracted by emergency surgery.

Marissa was charged with possession with intent to sell/deliver methamphetamine, possess with intent to sell/deliver heroin, and possession of a controlled substance on a prison/jail premises.

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Marissa has numerous misdemeanor convictions and felony convictions for possession of Schedule I and II controlled substances.

Marissa also has pending charges in Rowan and Iredell counties for conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, felony possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possess with intent to sell/deliver heroin.