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It is always a risk trying to get the right barber to cut your hair. Local Charlotte barber Matthew Allen, 45, (Seen here) won't be at anybody's shop cutting hair because he is on his way to prison.

Matthew cut hair at several shops in and around Charlotte.

Days ago in court Matthew pled guilty to trafficking in heroin by sale.

In 2017, detectives with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department contacted Matthew to arrange an undercover drug deal for heroin. As a result of the investigation, officers seized a large amount of heroin and arrested Matthew.

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Right before Matthew's August 2018 trial he pled guilty. Judge Karen Eady-Williams sentenced him to 70-93 months in prison.

Matthew was tried by the District Attorney’s Drug Prosecution Team.

Matthew was also arrested earlier this month for failure to pay child support. The prison inmate demand for haircuts is high, so maybe Matthew can earn extra money cutting hair in prison.