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In March 2020 James Campbell, 30, was found guilty of the sale of cocaine and possession of cocaine in Charlotte, NC.

On February 7, 2018, an undercover detective with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Vice and Narcotics Unit called James and arranged to purchase $1,450 worth of cocaine.

James and the detective agreed to meet at a restaurant on Pineville-Matthews Road in Charlotte. That afternoon, James arrived at the location and entered the detective’s undercover vehicle. James first attempted to persuade the detective to snort some of the cocaine to prove he was truly a cocaine user.

When the detective refused, James exited the detective’s vehicle and then briefly went inside a nearby car and the restaurant. James then returned and sold cocaine to the detective for $1,400.

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James was sentenced to 13-25 months in prison. He was also sentenced to an additional 6-17 months in prison; that sentence was suspended pending his successful completion of 30 months of supervised probation.