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Fish scale is the purest form of cocaine, the smell makes your nose hurt.

Jason Williams, 48, probably had 99 problems and a narcotics dog was one of them.

Jason was allegedly caught with $6.4 million dollars in cocaine, all bundled up in multiple bricks, ready for distribution.

On May 8 Jason was driving on Gastonia Highway right outside of Charlotte, NC. Jason was pulled over by authorities for alleged suspicious activities and several traffic violations.

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Eventually narcotics officers used Anya, a drug-sniffing dog, to conduct an open air sniff. During the sniff of a lifetime the dog detected narcotics in the vehicle Jason was allegedly driving.

Officials say the vehicle was searched and 117 pounds of cocaine were discovered. The estimated value of the cocaine is $6.4 million.

Jason was arrested and charged with felony trafficking in cocaine by possession, by transport and maintaining a dwelling or vehicle for a controlled substance.

Unrelated, in Charlotte a Mexican drug cartel member was caught with 6 kilos of Heroin.

In another case a Charlotte woman was caught with several bricks of cocaine and one brick of heroin.