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25-year-old Jose Sandoval is a convicted felon and was arrested following weeks of undercover operations and meticulous investigation, which resulted in the seizure of multiple firearms and several kilos of illicit drugs in Charlotte, NC near Lawyers Road and Albemarle Road.

In mid-2019, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Vice and Narcotics Unit within the Cover Operations Division commenced an investigation into Jose who had been distributing large amounts of narcotics in Charlotte. 

Detectives conducted multiple operations, some of which involved undercover purchases of narcotics from Jose. After meticulously gathering sufficient evidence, detectives served two search warrants.

A large amount of contraband being seized during these search warrants were near the 7800 block of Lawyers Road and the 7100 block of Albemarle Road. In total, almost 1.5 kilograms of cocaine, 2.5 kilograms of heroin, 17 firearms, a vehicle and money were seized during these search warrants. 

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As a result of the investigation Jose is charged with the following offenses:

  • 11 counts of trafficking in methamphetamine
  • Trafficking in cocaine
  • Trafficking in heroin
  • Possession with the intent to sale and deliver cocaine
  • Sell cocaine
  • Deliver cocaine
  • Possession of firearm by convicted felon