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Jasmine had six kilograms of tar heroin in her daughter's room. On March 20 a search warrant was executed at Jasmine's east Charlotte, NC home.

The search warrant was issued in reference to a year long state and federal drug investigation on Jasmine.

During the search Jasmine immediately admitted that she works for a Mexican drug cartel and that she accepts drug loads from Nayarit, Mexico. Jasmine also distributed the drugs to others who would then transport the drugs to other states in America.

6.2 kilograms 'bricks' of tar heroin were hidden in her infant daughter's bedroom. After that lucrative discovery Jasmine then showed that she had a stolen 9mm gun in her son's bedroom.   

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Investigators believe that Jasmine is a very significant flight risk because she is a member of a Mexican drug cartel and is not a United States citizen.   

Jasmine was arrested and charged with drug trafficking and a stolen gun.