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32-year-old Jmar Davis has had his share of bullets. Years ago he was shot in the face by police, and before that he was involved in a United States Army blast while serving in Iraq. Due to the blast, Jmar was given a Purple Heart which is one of the highest military honors available.

Jmar was arrested this month on multiple drug charges, including felony possession of cocaine.

On a mid October morning at 3:53am police found Jmar asleep in a vehicle at the driver's wheel on Senator Royall Dr. in Charlotte, NC. Police found Jmar in possession of marijuana, cocaine, prescription medication, hydrocone pills, alprazolam, and several items of drug paraphernalia that included scales & baggies, police say.

In February 2013 Jmar was shot five times by Mt. Holly police during a traffic stop. During the encounter Jmar was shot in the face, the neck, the leg, and twice in the back. Surviving gunshot wounds like that are powers usually only reserved for superman and 'gangsta rappas'.

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Police say that Jmar was reaching for a gun. In 2015 Jmar was sentenced to 60 days in prison and two years probation, after he plead guilty to several charges.

Jmar spent two years in the United States Army, and was wounded after being involved in a vehicle explosion in Iraq. Jmar received the Purple Heart following the military explosion.