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James Drayton, 24, was arrested on October 9, 2022 accused of murdering 5 people in Spartanburg County South Carolina.

James Drayton

James Drayton

 The homicides occurred on October 9, 2022. James was gathered inside an abandoned home with the 5 victims. James is then accused of shooting all 5 victims and killing them.

James then took a vehicle belonging to one of the victims and fled down to Georgia. James is accused of robbing a gas station in Georgia and leading cops on a high speed chase.

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James allegedly crashed and the chase came to an end. James was arrested and charged with 5 counts of murder. James says he was high on methamphetamine during the murders and hadn't slept in four days. 

James also said that he was hearing voices.

 The murdered victims are Thomas Ellis Anderson, 37, Adam Daniel Morley, 32, Mark Allen Hewitt, 59, and Roman Christean Megael Rocha, 19. The 5th victim wasn't identified, perhaps because of minor age.