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In August 2019 18-year-old Anthony Byrnes was arrested after Xanax pills, LSD, handguns and nearly $10,000 in cash were found in his parents' home in Huntersville, NC.

US Customs and Border Protection agents notified Huntersville Police about the drugs.

Federal agents say, US Customs and Border Protection seized a package that was addressed to Anthony and found drugs inside.

Officials said Huntersville police then organized a controlled delivery of the package and when Anthony accepted it, he was arrested. Documents say that Anthony admitted to receiving a package containing controlled substances to his house about every one to three days.

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Anthony lived at home with his parents. A search warrant was conducted at the home and inside nearly 4,500 Xanax pills, more than 1,000 hits of LSD, $10,000 cash, and handguns were found. One of the guns was stolen.

Anthony said he gives the packages of drugs to people who pay him and sells some of the drugs to his own customers. Anthony admitted that he keeps the guns for safety because of the large amount of drugs in the house.