Nasir Pryor and Michael Tabbit

Charlotte Alerts

A drug sting discovered $56,000 in cash and loads of marijuana

Michael Tabbit, 19, and Nasir Pryor, 19, were arrested on May 8, 2020 for their alleged involvement in an ongoing narcotics investigation in Charlotte, NC. 

In response to a drug complaint filed against Michael, detectives with the Vice & Narcotics Unit arranged an undercover purchase from him. 

Following Michael's arrest after the sale, two simultaneous search warrants were conducted. Both warrants were executed on North Church Street. In total, approximately 1,400 dosage units of LSD, 68 pounds of marijuana, five pounds of THC wax, edible marijuana gummies, one firearm and $56,000 in cash were seized during these search warrants.

Nasir was charged with Possession with Intent to Sell/Distribute Marijuana. 

Michael has been charged with seven counts of Trafficking LSD, Trafficking Marijuana, Possession of Schedule 1 Narcotic, Possession of Schedule 2 Narcotic, Possession of Schedule 4 Narcotic, Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resist/Obstruct/Delay a Public Officer and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

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