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Dominique Townes, 39, was arrested during the course of a two-month undercover operation, where Townes allegedly sold Methamphetamine to undercover police officers on three separate occasions.

Townes was arrested in January 2020 on 9801 Sam Furr Road in Huntersville, NC.

A search of Townes’ vehicle revealed 1lb. of Methamphetamine, along with other evidence.

During the course of the investigation, with the help from the Department of Homeland Security, a search warrant was executed on Townes’ residence. During the search of the residence, two assault rifles, pills and approximately 1 lb. of Marijuana were seized.

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Townes is charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine by Possession, Trafficking Methamphetamine by Transportation, Possession with intent to Sell and Deliver Methamphetamine, Felony Possession of Methamphetamine, Maintain motor vehicle for controlled substance sell.