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Watch as the famous rapper Boosie gets stopped by cops, cash and drugs were found, Bossie is angry and says, "Im going to show you how I get down when I get locked up, I got real bond money, I'm 'tiyad' brah"

On July 12, 2022 the famous rapper Bossie was pulled over in a Fairburn County, Georgia traffic stop. Video shows that marijuana and over $10,000 cash was found in the vehicle.  

Boosie was in a black SUV with his friend D'Shun Lawrence. The two men were pulled over for a license plate violation. D'Shun was driving the SUV.

The officer pulls the men over and places both men in handcuffs.

The vehicle was searched and authorities reportedly found 11 grams of marijuana. Over $10,000 in cash was seen on video in the center console of the SUV. 

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Bossie is seen angrily going off saying,

"If I was a white college player or if I played soccer or baseball you wouldn't fuck with my vehicle"

"I'm going to punch on the first white boy I see in that bitch"

"I'm ready to go to jail"

Bossie then says he has several women at his house sucking dick. Bossie says he had been pulled over by cops 7 times within the last 2 weeks.

Officers from the Fairburn Police Department decided not to arrest Bossie and D'shun, instead 2 citations were given, one for the license plate violation and one for the marijuana.