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Christian Nance, 25, died from a drug overdose of cocaine and fentanyl. Christian was found dead in a Charlotte, NC hotel room.

Christian Nance

Christian Nance

New details show how Christian died. Her death was on June 9, 2022. Christian was found by a family member unresponsive in a hotel room.

Christian was on the floor prone, with large amounts of blood coming from her nose. A non-discharged 9mm cartridge was in her hand and a .40 S&W spent casing was underneath her; yet Christian had no obvious gunshot injuries.

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First responders arrived and pronounced Christian dead at the scene. Fentanyl has killed scores of people in Charlotte and nationwide.

Postmortem toxicology reveals fentanyl in Christian's blood. Cocaine and its metabolite, benzoylecgonine, were also detected in her blood. The combined use of fentanyl and cocaine markedly increases the risk of sudden death due to respiratory and central nervous system depression.

Christian's body was well developed and well nourished during the autopsy. The parenchyma of both her lungs showed congestion and edema. Fentanyl toxicity causes congestion in the lungs and airways.

The cause of death for Christian was ruled fentanyl and cocaine toxicity.