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Brittany Cornell, 29, was so high on xanax pills that she could not even stand up while she was in arrest intake.

Brittany was driving her boyfriend's SUV when she slammed into another vehicle at the intersection of Nevin Rd. and Lake Rd. in Charlotte, NC.

Brittany immediately drove off. The victim vehicle had front end damage and remained at the scene.

Brittany drove the SUV back to her boyfriend's house and told him that she had been in a car accident, of-course leaving out the fact that she engaged in a hit & run. Brittany then left her boyfriend's house in another vehicle. Police ended up coming to the boyfriend's house because that was the address where the SUV's license plate was registered at. Police then advised the boyfriend of Brittany's shenanigans.

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The boyfriend called Brittany on the phone notifying her that police were present and that she needed to come back to the house.

> Brittany's reply was, "Yea I did it and left. Nah I'm gone bye"

Police were able to arrest Brittany some time later and she had taken so much xanax that she was unable to stand or comprehend.