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U.S. Border Patrol agents rescued 13 individuals who attempted to cross the Rio Grande River, Sept. 3 in Del Rio, Texas.

Agents spotted a group of suspected illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande River near the Eagle Pass Port of Entry. Due to the river’s depth and swift current, responding agents assisted the group, including several small children on board their vessel.

The river can be extremely dangerous for those who attempt to traverse it.

Agents rescued a total of 13, including six children, all Honduran nationals. All 13 were offered medical assistance, however, no injuries were reported. The group was transported to the Eagle Pass South Station and processed.

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Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector have already rescued over 470 individuals in fiscal year 2019, after only 125 total rescues for fiscal year 2018. Nationally, the Border Patrol has over 4,200 rescues in fiscal year 2019, compared to 3,661 in fiscal year 2018.