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On September 17, 2021 over a dozen illegal immigrants were found living inside a hotel in Edinburg, Texas. The illegal immigrants used a storm drain to illegally enter the USA, and then they used the hotel room for human smuggling.

9.20 hotel

Border Patrol agents received information regarding a hotel being used to harbor undocumented immigrants. Upon arrival, agents observed two individuals enter the suspect room carrying several jugs of water and groceries. 

Their ongoing surveillance identified other factors indicating that the room was being used to harbor illegal immigrants. 

Over 15 people were living in the room. Agents identified ten of the suspects as citizens of Honduras, five as citizens of El Salvador, and one from Mexico. The illegally present migrants claimed they had been waiting to be transported further into the U.S. for nearly 30 days.

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In the early morning of September 18, 2021 Border Patrol agents observed several illegal immigrants in the storm drain in Hidalgo, Texas. Officers set up a perimeter and apprehended three people that exited the storm drain. 

Approximately one hour later, three more illegal immigrants were apprehended exiting the storm drain, to include one unaccompanied child. The suspects were citizens of Honduras and Mexico.

On Sept. 18, 2021 at 9 p.m., several illegal immigrants were observed in the same storm drain. Two hours later, four more illegal immigrants were apprehended as they exited the storm drain. 

All suspects are being processed accordingly.