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U.S. Border Patrol agents intercepted a human smuggling attempt and rescued several illegal immigrants found in a locked trailer near Laredo, Texas.

The incident occurred during the late evening hours of November 20, 2019 when agents working the primary inspection lanes of the U.S. Highway 83 Border Patrol checkpoint encountered a blue tractor-trailer hauling a white trailer. 

After brief questioning, the tractor-trailer was referred for secondary inspection. The driver proceeded toward the secondary inspection area but failed to stop, fleeing the checkpoint and driving approximately 100 yards until coming to a halt.    

Agents immediately gave chase and discovered that the driver had abandoned the tractor and absconded. Agents proceeded to break the seal that kept the trailer doors shut and found 17 individuals trapped inside without any means of escape. 

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The individuals, which included nine juveniles, were from the countries of Mexico and Guatemala, all illegally present in the United States and were found to be in good health. 

The illegal immigrants were arrested.