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On October 2, 2020 at the Port of Nogales’ Commercial Facility in Nogales, Arizona there was an extensive amount of methamphetamine and fentanyl seized worth $2 million.

The drugs were brought in from a Mexican National when he attempted to enter the United States. The seizure is the largest methamphetamine load in Arizona’s port history. 

Customs officers discovered nearly 650 packages of drugs concealed within a non-factory floor compartment of a tractor-trailer that was laden with bell peppers, pickles and cucumbers driven by a 58-year-old male. Officers conducted a thorough inspection and noticed anomalies throughout the floor of the trailer, which resulted in the seizure of approximately 800 pounds of methamphetamine and 9 pounds of fentanyl with a value of nearly $2 Million.  

Area Port Director Michael Humphries commended his staff saying,

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“This is an enormous amount of very dangerous hard narcotics that Nogales Cargo Officers prevented from reaching communities throughout the United States.”