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U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Del Rio Sector in Texas recovered three dead bodies of illegal immigrants, liekly seeking a better life in America.

On June 19, agents were dispatched to a local ranch after they received an anonymous call regarding a lost undocumented immigrant. Responding agents searched the area with air support assistance from Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations, and discovered a deceased man.

On June 20, a second anonymous call was made to the Carrizo Springs Station regarding a lost undocumented immigrant. Information provided suggested the suspected undocumented immigrant was on a local ranch near Carrizo Springs. Responding agents searched the area and discovered a second deceased male. Dimmit County authorities took custody of the deceased.

Also on June 20, Eagle Pass Border Patrol marine agents, conducting river operations discovered the remains of a decomposed body on the Rio Grande riverbank near Normandy. The human remains were recovered by the Eagle Pass Fire Department and turned over to the custody of Maverick County authorities.

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“The extreme temperatures during this time of year can be fatal for anyone attempting to avoid detection by illegally crossing the remote areas of our border. I urge people use legal means to enter the United States at designated ports of entry,”

said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz.