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Over a 24-hour period Border Patrol agents and law enforcement partners exposed two stash houses and arrested over 70 undocumented immigrants throughout Laredo, Texas.


The first stash house was found during the mid-evening of July 5, 2021. Agents acted on a request for assistance from the Laredo Police Department with a possible stash house. 

Agents discovered 40 illegal immigrants from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

The second incident occurred the next afternoon on July 6, 2021 when agents along with law enforcement partners approached a residence. Over 30 illegal immigrants from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador were found inside the residence. 

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The individuals from the stash houses were not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when found. The individuals were provided PPE and were medically screened and processed accordingly.

The use of stash houses by criminal organizations continues to be a threat to national security and to the citizens of the United States. But stash houses are also a danger to the people they exploit by concealing them in dilapidated houses in close quarters, especially duriing the Coronavirus pandemic.