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Border Patrol agents discovered 75 illegal immigrants in a refrigerated 18-wheeler trailer in Falfurrias, TX on October 27, 2021. The truck was hauling pallets of flour.

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The commercial truck arrived at the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint and an immigration inspection was conducted. The primary agent was questioning the driver regarding his citizenship when a Border Patrol canine alerted to the trailer.

The tractor trailer was moved to a secondary exam area where a second canine alert was recorded. Border Patrol agents opened the trailer doors and discovered 75 shivering illegal immigrants attempting to stay warm.

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They were all determined to be citizens from Central America and Mexico. The driver was placed under arrest and the 75 illegal immigrants were taken into custody. All of the subjects were medically screened, and no one required further medical attention.

At the time of the discovery the trailer’s refrigerator was set to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and the doors were padlocked shut from the outside. The suspects were unable to escape without someone opening the doors from the outside.