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A stash house with a large group of undocumented immigrants living in it was shut down in Laredo, Texas. The incident occurred during the evening of April 15, 2021 when law enforcement officers responded to suspicious activity at a residential trailer park home. After making contact with several individuals, they conducted a search of the property. 

The search revealed 87 individuals illegally present in the United States. The individuals were identified as nationals of Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

None of the individuals were wearing any personal protective equipment. All the individuals were medically screened, taken into custody, and processed accordingly.

The smuggling and housing of large groups of individuals in stash houses has not been deterred by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Federal officials say stash house incidents such as this pose a threat not only to the people exploited by human smuggling but also to the people and safety of the United States.

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