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In Charlotte's most recent raid over 32 people (Seen here) were arrested by ICE and sent to detention centers where they will await deportation.

ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) upholds America's immigration laws at, within and beyond our borders through efficient enforcement and removal operations. ERO enforces the nation's immigration laws in a fair and effective manner. It identifies and apprehends removable immigrants, detains these individuals when necessary and removes illegal immigrants from the United States in accordance with law.

ICE Deputy Director Ron Vitiello mentioned the following:



> "ICE’s mission is critical to protecting national security and public safety, and the men and women of this agency continue to carry out that mission with courage, dedication, and integrity – even in the face of unfair attacks and threats. I am honored that the president plans to nominate me to serve as director alongside the brave men and women of ICE."

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