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The incident occurred on September 20, shortly after 6:00 p.m., when agents observed several people boarding two vehicles on the side of the road. Agents reported the vehicles began to drive north in tandem.

Moments later, the agents stopped the second vehicle, a Dodge Ram pickup, to conduct an immigration inspection.  Immediately after coming to a stop, the driver fled on foot and left his truck in reverse gear, causing his truck to hit a patrol vehicle. 

Agents apprehended the driver and determined that he was a United States citizen. The eight passengers in the vehicle were determined to be illegal immigrants. 

The first vehicle, a Kia Soul, continued driving north when agents attempted a vehicle stop. The driver of the vehicle failed to yield to agents which resulted in a vehicle pursuit. 

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The driver of the Kia Soul also employed a dangerous tactic to distract agents by exiting his vehicle while it was still in motion and left in the drive gear.  

The vehicle came to a stop when it collided with another vehicle at a private residence.  

 Agents arrested the driver, a United States citizen, and four illegal aliens from the Kia Soul.  All of the individuals were processed accordingly. 

The 12 illegal aliens were determined to be from the countries of Mexico and Guatemala.  The Dodge Ram pickup was seized by the United States Border Patrol and Kia Soul was turned over to the custody of the police department.